Having been a successful fashion and beauty model for the past 10 years involving high profile, worldwide advertising campaigns, I found that I was missing out on further success due to imperfections with my teeth when smiling. I wanted to get rid of the flaws in my smile but I was worried about having an unnatural finish. I was recommended to Dr Hans Lock to carry out the dental work – including teeth whitening – that I needed and from the initial consultation found his approach and ideas really appealing.

The whole process was professional, timely and extremely friendly - I felt very comfortable throughout. The standard of work was exceptional and I am very pleased with the end result. My confidence at castings has improved as a result and I am already booking more commercial work involving smiling. I would be quick to recommend Dr Hans Lock to anybody.



I have had absolutely devastating dental experiences in the last two decades of my life.

These include losing my consciousness from every single anaesthetic injection used in dental treatments as well as being confronted with negligence that have resulted in developing a strong dental phobia.

My fear of experiencing extremely high level of anxiety over and over again increased by undergoing numerous painful and, in many cases, repeatedly faulty dental procedures.

My first visit to Hans Lock was the key breakthrough to deal with my phobic issues and eventually, as more visits followed, to forget about it completely.
I do thank, a million times over Hans Lock for his attentive and exceptionally proficient approach to solve my dental problems.

Those who struggle with dental phobias should pay a visit to Hans Lock without delay. They will encounter an utterly warm welcome in a peaceful environment with calming music in the background. They will be given plenty of undivided attention, as unhurriedly as possible, and their treatment will be entirely painless, providing total satisfaction.


At no point did anyone yell at me for not getting regular dental check-ups or taking better care of my teeth. At no point did Hans try to make me feel guilty for smoking or berate me for not brushing after lunch as well as breakfast and dinner. I’d just been to the dentist, and no one had tried to scare me with apocalyptic predictions of toothlessness by age thirty unless I changed my thoughtless ways.

The only thing Hans had said that wasn’t outright congratulatory was a mild “you could floss more,” and even that had been presented as a kind of friendly offering, take it or leave it, in case I really wanted a little somethinsomethin to spice up my oral hygiene routine.

I was filled with joy. I decided that Hans is a dentiste extraordinaire.


Growing up in the Netherlands in the 1970's dental-care was never considered a luxury but a necessity. The parental ethos in those days was; that it is important to look after your teeth and this was part of ones upbringing. You were recommended to brush after each meal and I remember in primary school we all had our own toilet-kit with tooth brush.

I clearly remember the black and white television-commercials and the slogans on bill-boards which read, Apples Are the New Healthy Candy For Your Teeth. It was normal fashion that each household registered with a local dentist.

Dentist-consultations and denture-maintainance were subsidised by the gouverment. No matter what economic class you from there was no reason to have bad teeth. It was normal practice to visit your family detist twice a year. On top, twice a year the school-dentist would see you. The big dental bus would arrive at the school and we would be competative on who had lesser fillings.


Growing up it was normal to see a dentist almost 4 times a year. Thumb sucking made that my teeth developed abnormal and caused an overbite. At the age of 12 I got braces and a year later I got perfect straight white and healthy teeth. Once (late adolencence) my wisdom-teeth started to bother me I was advised to get them all four out as I was told later on they might start to cause infections. Other than this I had healthy teeth and had never had a serious problem.


At this point I left home with perfect healthy teeth. I went travelling and I finaly arrived and settled in London, England and together with opening a bankaccount I was looking to register with a dentist. I asked my new English friends to be referred. I found a dentist and got very unlucky it left me traumatised and with one tooth less and a lot of sterling lighter. I stopped seeing dentists all together and developed a fear. My experience here was different to my experience back home.


I believe that people with bad teeth might be in denial and don't want to talk about their fear. This is what happened to me. It was only since I opened my mouth and was ready to start doing research when a good friend who himself once had fear to go to the dentist recommended me to visit Dr Hans Lock - which I did.


This was a life changing experience. The fact that I was taken seriously, listened to and the gentle and professional treatment make that today my teeth are healthy again and that from now on I'll visit my dentist again twice a year like I was used to do years ago.